Q. What IS Story Merchant Books?
A. Story Merchant Books is a literary-commercial incubator whereby authors at all stages of their careers can test the waters of publishing through epublication and Print-on-Demand (P.O.D.). When a Story Merchant book reaches the "level of visibility" its access to traditional publishers and entertainment companies can take it to the next level of success.

Q. Why would I publish through Story Merchant, when I can do epublishing and P.O.D. on my own?
A. Story Merchant Books has a unique "white glove" relationship with both and that trades limited exclusivity with these major e-stores for their promotion of Story Merchant Books. This promotional backing is not available to you if you sign up on your own to or

Q. How much of the sales price do I receive if I publish through Story Merchant Books?
A. You receive 70% of the sales price if your book is on, 65% if on long as your book is priced between $2.99 and $9.99. Outside that pricing window, you will receive 35% of the sales price. For administering your book, Story Merchant receives 10% of what you receive.

Q. What kind of promotion will amazon offer my book is I give them a 12-month exclusive?
A. Although this may vary from book to book, your book will receive most if not all of the following:
  • "New & Notable" postings.
  • "Coming Soon" posting.
  • Computer matching.
  • "Kindle" and "Ebook" "Exclusives" posting.
  • 5 Day "Free" giveaway period to enhance the book's visibility.
  • KOLL – Kindle Owners' Lending Library for three months, while the book is also on sale for its regular price

Q. What kind of promotion will offer my book if I give them a 30-day exclusive?
A. Although this may vary from book to book, your book will receive most if not all of the following:
  • "First Choice" feature.
  • "New at Nook" feature.
  • E-letter promotion.
  • Email campaign.
  • Website promotion.

Q. Do I sign with Kindle Direct or Pubit if I work through Story Merchant?
A. No, you need only sign a representation agreement with Story Merchant. You can review KindleDirect's standard agreement, which is what Story Merchant is bound by, at:
You can review Pubit's standard agreement at:

Q. Can I track my sales directly through Story Merchant?
A. Only Story Merchant has direct access to your book's sales reports on both e-stores. At your request, we will send you a direct screen-printout of your sales totals (but no more than once a week, please).

Q. How does Story Merchant assist me in marketing my book?
A. Story Merchant assists in many ways, including the following:
  • Its White Glove relationship with the two major e-stores ensures that those stores will automatically promote your book, as long as we've given them an exclusive.
  • It will put you in touch with qualified and tested book trailer creators, blog and Facebook book page builders, Facebook "Like" enhancers, and publicists.
  • Story Merchant will also refer you to its preferred cover artists and interior layout artists, as well as digitizers to prepare your book for epublication.
  • Story Merchant will provide you with a "marketing plan" that will enable you to promote your own e-books.
  • Story Merchant will use its 25 years of connections in the literary and entertainment world to promote your book opportunistically, with a goal to increase its visibility, lead to attention from traditional publishers and to Hollywood entertainment companies.

Q. What are my upfront costs for working with Story Merchant Books?
A. Story Merchant charges a modest "oversight fee" to shepherd your book to publication—which fee is an advance against Story Merchant's ten percent (10%) commission on your sales.

Q. Is Story Merchant no longer representing books to traditional publishers?
A. Story Merchant, on an extremely selective basis, will still represent a book to the traditional publishers if, in consultation with you, it believes this is the best way to launch your book. For most first-time fiction authors who are not household names, epublication is generally the best launch strategy available today. But if your platform is visible enough, whether for nonfiction or fiction, that may not be the case.

Q. How do I get started with Story Merchant?
A. Send an email to and tell us your book's title, one-paragraph pitch, one paragraph on you, and the status of its rights. We will reply with "how to get started."

Q. How does Story Merchant Dr. Ken Atchity feel about Story Merchant Books?
A. He has not been this excited about the world of publishing for years! Finally the storyteller has control over his own fate!