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Something Ehren Kruger (Transformers, etc.) told me in an interview, which I thought I'd pass along...

I try my best to have a thick skin. Everyone at every opportunity will have a reason to not
make your script, to not believe in your story. They'll gladly tell you why it's not quite
good enough, or it feels a little familiar, or they're just not making that genre right now.
It's easy to beat yourself up and go crazy about that, which a lot of writers do. I just try to
shrug it off.

I've sold six scripts that I've written on spec, and not once did I have multiple financiers
wanting to buy the script. It was always one place making an offer, and fourteen other
places saying, "No, it's not good enough," or "It's not right for us," "Not interested," or

"You can look at that and say, "Wow, one out of fifteen places thought my script was
worth investing in; that's pretty bad." Or you can be realistic about the business and say,
"One is all I need."

I think most working writers who are not terribly embittered share the philosophy that "I
believe these stories are worth telling, and I believe I'll find people who agree with me.
I'm going to hear "No" most of the time, but that's okay—because every now and then,
I'm going to hear "Yes.""

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