Back Pain - Occupational Hazard

Back pain is the new smoking. Especially for writers, who are sitting at their computers all day, back pain has become an occupational hazard. It certainly has with me. But I’ve come up with a solution that has been sure-fire so far: the household ironing board. It now sits next to my desk and is most of the time used as a handy if somewhat unsightly sorting device—projects laid out more or less in stacks. But at the least twinge of back pain, which has been so debilitating it’s put me in the hospital for three days recently—I simply move my keyboard to the ironing board and stand up. After standing for a day, which has the added benefit of burning more calories, the pain disappears. Try it!

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  1. Very nice suggestion! I’ll go ahead and try this one at home. I suffer from chronic back pain myself and since I’ve made myself pretty much an expert on the subject, I think your idea might actually work. They say that back pain is caused by a lack of movement (sitting in front of your computer all day for example) in our daily routine, causing poor muscle tone at our back. This reduces the stability of our spine, thus the pain.

    Tiffani Villagomez