Direct vs Traditional Publishing: Another Good News Story

JOE KONRATH is a phenomenal testimony to the move from traditional publishing to direct publishing. Since 2004, he sold 126,366 of his 8 legacy novels, earning him $130,916 (before his agent’s 15%).

Since 2009, he sold 632,501 self-published books, earning him $912,138 (before deductions for collaborators).

Six of his novels—The List, Origin, Disturb, Shot of Tequila, Endurance, and Trapped—have sold 362,783 copies for $600,501 in earnings. All were rejected by traditional publishers!

Then Amazon became Konrath’s publisher and sold more ebook copies of Shaken and Stirred in three years than his eight legacy titles sold in ebooks in eight years.

All stats from “A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: Konrath’s Sales”

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